5 Children’s Room Design and Decor Tips

Decorating a kid’s room can be a fun but challenging project. It may even spark your own childhood creativity and imagination. However, it is important to create a space where your child feels excited to play, but also one that is comfortable, safe and functional.

To design a room that grows with your child while being playful, affordable and creative, follow these five tips:

1. Design for your child.

Creative ideas like a pirates ship or treehouse themed room may sound and look amazing. However, neither would be appropriate for a toddler who needs a lot of open space to roam and explore. Age and safety should be the first priority, but ask for ideas from your child or think about their interests and hobbies.

2. Use easy-to-clean furniture and materials.

Even the most well-mannered kids get messy from time-to-time. They may spill something on the carpet and leave stubborn stains. They might color on the walls or pour glitter everywhere. (Hopefully, that doesn’t happen.) However, kids are unpredictable, and accidents happen. Instead of full carpet, you may want to have hardwood floors and a throw rug. When it comes to furniture, look for items that are made with easy-to-clean materials.

For example, our UrbanMod kid’s table and chair sets are made with durable materials that are resistant to stain and damage.

3. Incorporate storage and organization in your design.

The best way to keep your kid’s room clean on a day-to-day basis, is to design with organization in mind. Of course, it may take some urging to get them to clean up after themselves, however, it is easier when the room is set up for them to do it. This means that dressers, shelves, trunks and other storage spaces should be at a height that they can reach easily.

4. Invest in core pieces.

Overly thematic rooms may look cool on Pinterest. In real-life, most parents can’t change their child’s room according to whatever they are into at the moment.

Children frequently change their interests. One week, they may be obsessed with dinosaurs, the next race cars, and a month later, it could be space. Investing in a children’s bed that is the shape of a pirate ship may seem like a great idea at the time. However, as they grow older, they will quickly outgrow it. Instead, invest in furniture pieces that will last longer and are made with minimalistic design.

Neutral colored furniture can be paired with colorful accessories and decor. It will still make the room vibrant and playful, but it allows you to transition quickly and easily. Later, you can keep the furniture and replace the decor to update it as your child gets older.

5. Be creative but think long-term.

You can get incredibly imaginative with your kid’s room decor, without paying a fortune for a complete renovation. Instead, get temporary and inexpensive design pieces that are easy to remove and replace. This includes wall decals and wall paper. Both are affordable and easy to switch out once your child outgrows it.

The key to great kid’s room design is to balance creativity with longevity. Invest in high-quality, minimalist pieces that will last for years and replaceable decor that is quick, simple and inexpensive to update as your child gets older.

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