5 Creative Ways to Use Bar Stools In Your Home

Most people think that stools either go in the kitchen or bar area. Although, they are a sleek and functional addition to both spaces, they are also quite versatile. With a little creativity and imagination, they can be your must have piece for nearly every room in the house. Here a just a few examples of how kitchen and bar stools can be used all over the home.

1. Side Table

Many stools are the perfect size and height to be used as side tables in the living area or a bedroom. In the living area, you may want to set some coasters or picture frames on them. Beside a bed, it can be ideal for a lamp, a phone, tablet, or a book.

2. Plant Stand

You can use some colorful stools as stands for indoor plants. Houseplants don’t just make your home feel more welcoming. They can be beneficial to your health. In fact, the Clean Air Study by NASA found that having a few of the right houseplants in your home improves indoor air quality. With stools, you can place plants in the walkway, kitchen, or nearly any other room.

3. Vanity Stool

Whether you have a hanging mirror or a vanity table, a stool can be the perfect seating option. It can also save space. Backless stools can be easily tucked underneath and pulled out when you need them.

4. Bathroom Towel and Clothing Stand

Even if you have towel racks and hooks in your bathroom, you may still need some additional space. Adding a stool can also put your clothing and towel right within your reach when you get out of the shower or tub.

5. Studio Seating

If you are a professional artist or an arts and crafts hobbyist, you may have your own home studio. Bar stools are ideal seating options for creative spaces. Whether you are working at an easel or a large table, it is a suitable height and easy to pick up and move around. Plus, many stools like those at Urban Mod are made with materials that are durable and much easier to clean than wooden chairs and other seating.

A stool is a functional and versatile item to have in your house. They are they perfect seating for a kitchen island or bar area, but they can also be used in many other rooms, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Urban Mod’s stool collection combines sleek and simple look with bright and vibrant colors that can help tie any room together. Check out our collection in a variety of colors here.