Styling Your Home Like You're Famous

Long before the days of MTV Cribs and popular decor shows, many of us were fascinated with the lives and luxurious homes of the rich and famous. Who wouldn’t want to live like a rockstar? Although homes of celebrities go on the market for millions, you don’t have to spend a fortune to style your home like one of them. Instead, here are some key decor tips to unleash your inner celebrity style without the huge price tag:

1.Invest in quality.

A piece of furniture or decor may look cute on the shelf or in the showroom, but keep quality in mind. You want to get the biggest bang for your buck, especially when it comes to large furniture pieces like sofas and tables. This means looking for the greatest value, and not necessarily the least or most expensive item available.

2. Have a few attention and statement-making pieces.

Famous doesn’t have to mean flashy. Stuffing a room with dozens of books, pillows, tapestries, photos, and art--all in an array of hectic colors--will detract from the overall space. It will look like a cluttered mess to visitors.

Instead, you want to draw their eye to a few main points. It could be an expensive painting from a well-known artist, a sparkling chandelier and a colorful rug, but make sure the pieces reflect your own personal style as well as one of luxury and class. Tell a story with your decor. Many famous athletes have framed jerseys, musicians have hit records and actors have movie posters and art from films that inspired them.  

3. Be unique and authentic.

Celebrity homes often reflect the same unique qualities that their owners possess. Much of the decor is “one-of-a-kind”. Incorporate handcrafted items that could serve as interesting conversation pieces. For example, you could showcase some mementos from when you visited Thailand or another exotic spot.

4. Be clean and clutter-free.

Homes of the rich and famous always seem to be spotless. Of course, they have maids and cleaning staff to take care of that on a regular basis. However, you can keep your house tidy by incorporating organization into your design. One trick to do this is to look at furniture that can double as invisible storage. For example, ottomans can open up and offer storage, and a guest may never notice.

5. Stick with white and neutral bases.

Home stager to the stars Meridith Baer recommends sticking with a white or neutral color palette when decorating. You can add in pops of color, but do it strategically. Accent walls are a wonderful way to give neutral palettes more personality.

For larger furniture and decor pieces like UrbanMod’s chairs and tables, white is a solid choice. It makes the room appear fresh, clean and open.  

6. Add some fresh flowers and a vibrant bowl of fruit.

If you have ever watched MTV Cribs, you may have noticed that famous people almost always have a fruit bowl or flowers in one or more living spaces.

You’d be amazed at what a difference a bowl of fruit in your kitchen and some vases of colorful flowers can do for your living room, bedroom and entry way. Not only will it add a spring scent to the air, but it creates a more welcoming and happier environment overall. For more design inspiration or to kick off your famous home styling project, check out our collections at