Styling Your Home With Beautiful Black and White Birch Chairs

There are many color schemes to consider when decorating a home. However, don’t forget the neutral tones, particularly black and white. Combining black and white strategically in your home can create a timeless and sophisticated design.

The key is to have the right balance and products. You can paint an accent wall, incorporate flooring or include black and white fixtures, rugs, furniture and accessories. At UrbanMod, we believe in providing high-quality, sleek, and minimalistic furniture. One of our favorite pieces are the black and white birch sapling chairs.

Keep these tips in mind to add a modern touch to your home and style with our black and white birch chairs.

1. Use it as standalone seating in an entryway.

The birch chair design is inspired by the tree. It’s not so flamboyant to make a space feel too busy or cluttered. However, it adds just enough interest without taking away from the other pieces or overall design.

For this reason, it can be part of a set or used as a standalone piece. If you have an entryway with enough space for a chair and a small round table, you can place a seat there. Add a vase of flowers, and it can help create a welcoming environment for visitors as they enter.  

2. Enhance a focal point.

Black and white can be used to draw attention to a specific spot in the room. If you incorporate the black birch chair set, try to use it in a place that you want people to see first when they walk in.

For example, an elaborate dining table is often used as a focal point. If you have a room with a large window and lots of natural light, you could use that as your point of interest. However, for seating, you’d want to pair the white chair set with the lighting because it is a brighter focal point, opposed to the bold black. Remember that there should be only one main focal point in every room. If there are too many, it starts to feel cluttered.

3. Consider geometry.

The cut-out birch tree design has a geometric aesthetic, so it is important to think about the lines and shapes around the space. It is best to combine the birch cut-out with smooth, clean lines that make the space feel more open.

4. Pair with pops of color.

To avoid creating an overly monochromatic and boring home, you need to consider geometry. However, color also plays an important role. Black and white pair best with bold, vibrant colors. Think about bright shades like those that stem from the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Add pops of color by adding a red vase, lamp or throw rug, but only use one or two colors in one space.

The use of black and white in your home can create stunning and dramatic effects. With these tips, you can create a classic design aesthetic to your home. View our white and black birch chairs and the rest of our furniture collections at our online shop.