4 Creative Home Design You Can Pair With UrbanMod’s New Bar Stool Collections

When it comes to home design, there are few furniture pieces as versatile and functional as bar stools. They aren’t just for bar areas. You can use them in the kitchen, entryway, bathroom, kids room or even on your patio or deck area. Save room and easily tuck them under a counter or kitchen island when not in use or stack them and use them as extra seating.

There are countless possibilities, which is why they are one of the most popular items at UrbanMod and we are excited to announce four new finishes have been added to our collection: white distressed, blue distressed, rustic and wood top. Here are some of the hottest trends in home design today and tips for choosing the best bar stools for each aesthetic:

1. Farmhouse Style - White Distressed or Rustic

Rustic Stools

One of the biggest trends in home design this year is farmhouse style. After being featured on many TV home renovation shows, the modern farmhouse aesthetic which often features stark white walls, deep porcelain kitchen sinks and reclaimed wood, is in high-demand. White distressed bar stools or rustic  would fit perfectly with a farmhouse-themed kitchen. Place them under an island or a breakfast nook for easy access.

2. Minimal With A Twist - Blue Powder Distressed

Blue Powder Distressed

All white, neutral shades and minimal design will always be a classic home design staple. However, a space that is completely devoid of color will appear bland and boring. Many designers are striking a balance between minimal design and strategic pops of color to create spaces that actually look lived in.

According to and Pantone, vibrant colors will be a major trend in 2018. You can add more color into your home without making it look gaudy by adding some brightly colored stools, like blue distressed or one of the many colors from our collection.  

3. Blending Natural Elements and Technology - Wood Top

Wood Top Bar Stool

Another of Pantone’s trend predictions for 2018 is that people will be surrounded by more technology in their home than ever before. However, this saturation of technology will also create a desire to be more connected to nature, and will attract people to furniture, decor and design that includes natural elements like wood. Our wood top bar stools are the perfect balance of natural wood with the sturdiness and easy-to-clean materials of a steel bar stool.

4. Greenery and Industrial - Distressed and Rustic

The industrial design trend has been around for years and has become highly popular. Now, more are pairing greenery with the metal look of rustic and industrial designs. It creates an interesting contrast, and according to Houzz data, indoor greenery is one of the top trends this year. A distressed or rustic bar stool pairs well with indoor house plants and greenery inspired wallpaper. Some ideas could be to use the stool as seating or as a plant stand.

The versatility and usefulness of bar stools make them one of the smartest furniture investments that you can make. For more creative ways to use bar stools in your home, check out our blog here or check out the rest of our collection for inspiration.